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Our journey to Guatemala and our love for its people began seven years ago. Through international adoption God created in us a heart for this place and a desire to serve its people. We didn’t know what God had in store for our family, but we have seen His hand in every development since then: from mission trips to Guatemala, to discovering a mission field in our own backyard, to accepting the call to full time missions. All of these have led us to being 8 weeks away from moving to Monjas, Jalapa Guatemala to work with the James Project at Shadow of His Wings Orphanage. Mike, myself and our two boys, Jonathan and Jacob will be leaving in early January to begin the next adventure on this path that God has laid out for us. We have come to know and believe with all of our hearts that God alone is in control and we are humbled and blessed to be able to be a small part of the great work that He is doing there. We ask for your prayers as we begin this journey, that He would give us wisdom and courage and that He would direct our hearts and minds in accordance to His will, that everything we say and do will glorify Him.

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