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Getting Ready

Well, we are two weeks away from our travel date as of tomorrow! Time has flown by and we are trying to be as ready as we can be. We had our first board meeting for the ministry and I was very encouraged and inspired by the support and dedication these people have demonstrated to us. Each person brings something unique and special to the ministry and they all share a commitment to seeing God’s will accomplished in everything we do. I know I can speak for all of us when I say that God has big plans for the work He is calling us to and we are very humbled and excited to see it accomplished.

Many of our prayers have been answered: there will be two houses available shortly after we arrive and so we can determine which one will work best for our family, and should be able to have a home rather quickly! Positions are being filled in Mike’s company, which makes it easier for him to go, my Mom had a major surgery before our departure date and is doing well, the boys have recovered from strep, scarlet fever and ear infections, all of our paperwork came through in time, and friends have volunteered to take care of our home here while we are gone. For us, seeing all of these things that we could not have accomplished on our own being accomplished is just more affirmation that we are being sent by Him and He is the one who will see it through to completion. What a blessing we are receiving by just being able to witness what our God is doing!

We are having an open house at our house: 2768 St. Rte. 45 Salem on Dec. 31st from 3:00- ?. We hope you will stop by so we can see everyone before we go! We are having refreshments and really look forward to seeing everyone! Also, our church: Greenford Christian Church is having us come up front to share what we have been called to do, and to receive prayer on Dec. 29th so if you are interested please come @ 9:30 or 11:00.

in the meantime, please continue to pray that we would follow God’s leading and that we would allow Him to be glorified in all that we say and do. Merry Christmas!

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