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We are Here!

We arrived in Guatemala on Friday 1/3. We did not have any delays, even though the weather was terrible in Pittsburgh. We are staying in the city for a few days with Ashley and have already found a car that another missionary is selling. We are picking it up later today and then planning to drive to Monjas (a few hous away) On Tuesday. I think the boys had some jet lag because they were very tired and emotional, but they are getting back to normal. Jacob has not liked being in the city and seems a little overwhelmed but we have assured him that we will be in Monjas in no time. Mike is having withdrawal from work, but he is fixing things at Ashley’s apartment and has been pricing tools for work in Monjas later.

Overall it has been a very blessed transition! We missed the worst of the travel weather, we and all of our luggage arrived safely and on time (including the dogs) and it is BEAUTIFUL here! (Sorry everyone at home in the snow and freezing temps!)

Please pray for continued safety, wisdom and guidance in all that we do and that we would glorify God in every situation. Also, for those we left behind, that they would be safe and receive comfort and encouragement.

Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement. We will post pictures when we get to Monjas. We are more excited than ever to see what God has planned.

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