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New roles & a lot of growth

As I am writing this post, a lot is happening with our new roles in the ministry God has called us to. Mike, the boys and I have been back in the states for almost 2 years. At first it was difficult, feeling as though we were called back too soon and that our work in Guatemala was unresolved. Over the days and months however, God has shown us that we can be useful wherever He places us. I am reminded of the verse Ester 4:14 " And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?". Ester struggled with what God was calling her to do and the timing of it, but was reminded that God's will could and would be accomplished with our without her and it would be in His timing, not hers.

This verse is a reminder to me that God's work will be accomplished. It is not dependent upon my willingness or desire. I know that He is the ultimate victor and that I am blessed to be a small part of what He is doing. I need only trust that His timing is perfect and that He will place me where I have the opportunity to be of the most use to Him if I only am willing.

It is with this attitude that Mike and I move forward in our new roles as Ambassadors for Shadow of His Wings. We are not able to live in Guatemala at this time, but God has given us many opportunities to join in His work there by being right where He has placed us today. Our roles now consist of fundraising, speaking and basically being advocates for what God has shown us He is accomplishing through SOHWO. It is our prayer that we would honor His ministry as we proclaim His good works in the lives of the children ministered to, and the people touched by that ministry.

We ask that you pray for us to have humility and servants' hearts as we move forward and that He would bless our efforts on behalf of Shadow of His Wings. That He would open doors for us to share with others about this ministry and that He would open the hearts of those we come in contact with so that we might help financially sustain and increase the harvest He desires. All for His Glory, Amen.

Missing this face, but what a blessing to know her!

Our little Lila!! We are missing this face, but what a blessing to know her!

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