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Exciting happenings with CWAM and at Shadow!

All Glory to God, this year has been an eventful one in our ministry. We made several trips to Guatemala and were able to personally witness all of the developments both with the project and in the lives of the children at Shadow. God has been glorified in the lives of children who were abused, neglected and lost but are now part of the family of Christ. You can read individual stories of redemption and see the progress at the project by visiting the Shadow website:

We have begun contributing to the support of several missionaries at Shadow and have participated in ministry at Shadow and in the community of Monjas. Here are some of the service activities we were blessed to participate in:

We served a free meal to over 1,000 people in the town of Monjas

We ministered to the house parents of Shadow by providing and serving a meal to them and giving them a night off while we fellowshiped with the children.

We celebrated New Years with everyone at the project by serving popcorn, playing games and providing a firework display.

We assisted each house at Shadow in creating a corn hole game set, decorating them and teaching them how to play the game. ( The house dads really enjoyed this!!)

Many people partnered with us to provide Christmas gifts for each of the children and to conduct several Bible lesson activites for them to participate in such as: baking Christmas cookies, allowing them to decorate, wrap and exchange cookies with each other, create and decorate gingerbread houses, watch a movie and enjoy "orange floats". ( There is no rootbeer in Guatemala). Each of these activities allowed us to build even closer relationships with the children and to use a hands on impactful activity to discuss God's love for us and our relationship with Him.

We were also blessed to be able to assist a new missionary couple serving full time at Shadow by offering our home in Monjas to them along with all of our furniture etc., so that they could postpone the expense and difficulty of setting up an entire house initially.

This was a year of much growth in our ministry and we have been blessed to be able to continue to serve Shadow in these capacities. We are looking forward to many new opportunities to serve in the year to come and are excited to see what God will accomplish.

Please consider participating in the Geo Event on May 13, and/or partnering with us this year in this important work. We are grateful to each of you for your support and encouragement!

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